Climate Action

I am grateful for the conservation efforts of presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt and am equally disturbed by our current president’s effort to exploit wilderness for the extraction of ephemeral resources. We, of course, have needs for shelter and human habitat, but I agree with Edward Abbey when he writes;

“Though men now possess the power to dominate and exploit every corner of the natural world, nothing in that fact implies that they have the right or the need to do so.”

I’m proud to live in a city that is taking the lead on climate solutions and it is incredible to see the amount of community service that is being given to our Climate Action Task force. As mayor I look forward to working with our Council to develop a responsible implementation strategy so we can meet our climate action goals. In addition to conserving energy, I want to start making significant investments in producing renewable energy. We have existing infrastructure at our Waterfront that is perfectly suited for renewable hydro-electric energy production. We have the potential to produce enough hydroelectric energy to power 1,000 households and create clean industry jobs as well.

Garrett O'Brien