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We are proud to accept the endorsements of The Bellingham Police Guild and the Bellingham Whatcom Co. Fire Fighters Local 106

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Shirley zuanich | Pure Alaska Salmon Co LLC

Practical, a breath of fresh air, organizational skills, compassionate, innovative, realistic, truly non-partisan.

Brooke Wertz | Nwfoldyoga

Vibrancy, youth, safety, and inclusivity!

Lydia Bennett | Commercial Real Estate West Coast, Inc.

I've worked with Garrett on a number of projects and have become friends with him and his family. He is energetic, young, enthusiastic, and has great ideas for moving Bellingham forward in a positive and people-centered way.

Gary Jensen | Former Mayor of ferndale

Garrett is a hard working young man who I have watched and admired for many, many years. To step forward and give up a large part of his life and time in an attempt to make Bellingham a better place speaks volumes. I hope Bellingham gives him a chance.

melissa Isenhart | Bellingham Police Department

I'm excited to have a mayoral candidate who is passionate about public safety and tackling issues in our community.

karen steen | Retired RN/ARNP

Bellingham is facing momentous challenges in the midst of larger climate and cultural crises. Our challenges call for innovative, home-grown solutions that address our common good. We need a mayor who will lead by example, take an inclusive results-oriented approach to governing, and serve to unify Bellingham. I support Garrett and his platform to help us meet current and future challenges together.


Garrett is one of the most hard working business owners we know. We met with him consistently throughout our home building process, and his attention to detail, willingness to work to fulfill our vision, his attention to budget, and coordination with sub contractors to develop a great team, made our experience not only pleasurable, but rewarding. We know Garrett will bring all these much needed leadership qualities, and more, to the mayoral position.

We highly endorse Garrett as the next mayor for Bellingham!

Eric McRory | Northside Dental Care

I like Garrett's balanced approach. He wants to see "both sides" communicate so we can reach common goals. This is what we need in our community.

DAvid williams | Northwest Drone Pro's Photo & Video

I grew up with Garrett and have known him over 25 years - what you see is what you get. What you see is a hard working family man who is in a place in his life where he feels he can really contribute to the community he loves. He is just what Bellingham needs. Rather than a polished politician he is someone with a history of success who wants to implement the tools he's cultivated in "the real world" to the world of government and his community. I can't think of a better person to represent me and my family as mayor of B'ham!

casey scalf | sensebellum

I find Garrett to be a very sensible candidate. His proposals and policy stances align with my views as a young business professional. He is one who loves this city and sees much potential in the area. It is important to grow and progress; though strategically. I wish him the best on navigating and leading these projects.

Carter & Annie Kiesau | Local Doctors & Parents

We met Garrett through his contracting business and were totally impressed by his attention to detail, professionalism, and pride in his quality work. His employees spoke highly of him while he orchestrated exceptional quality work and brought out the best in them. Yet he also rolled up his sleeves and helped with the heavy lifting and dirty work. I watched him help his foreman lift a 200 pound beam over their shoulders and place it over a door. We hired him back for every job we ever needed. That’s his character and we are sure he will take it right into is work as mayor and share these same qualities with everyone. We are lucky to have Garrett running for our mayor.

Gary Ingram | Banner Power Solutions

I believe that Garrett's thoughtful approach, and hands on experience dealing with housing and planning, will make him a very effective mayor.

bruce cox | bruce cox imports

Garrett has impressed me with his knowledge of Bellingham City government and his willingness to listen to all parties. As he is a life long Bellingham resident and business owner I believe that he is running for mayor to preserve and improve our city. He's not a career politician looking for the next rung on the ladder.

Christa Moore | bellingham

Garrett's platform is refreshing change that will no doubt benefit our community positively!

Derek kingry | Hibu

I think he is the voice of the people. Locally grown and a local success story that can see things from most people’s point of view, but where he doesn’t, he seems willing to listen. Creative and lasting ways to fix our short and long term problems is what we need.

Jon falcon | falconworks

Over the 20 years I’ve known Garrett his charisma, integrity and work ethic have been the traits that stick out most. These things, I believe, have enabled him to operate a successful business in a highly competitive industry and inspired him to achieve even more. I’m sure Garrett will bring his unique skill set and drive to this next chapter in his life.

Andrew Krzysiek | Zervas Architects

His commitment to community and youth and his passion to improve the Bellingham for all.

Erin Mukhram | former tenant

Garrett is a great human. He is a very hard worker & cares about others. I believe he can do good things in our community.

jon soine | Windermere Real Estate

Garrett can carry Bellingham thru the next 8 or more years

Kyle Martin | Muljat Group

Garrett is willing to engage the whole community in a very important dialogue that affects all members of the community, and is not willing to settle for the status quo. He wants to empower the community to find solutions together that benefit all. VOTE GO’B for MAYOR!!

Mark Shintaffer | Sound Beverage Dist Inc.

I believe Garrett has the right background and experience to move Bellingham forward. Garrett’s understanding of Bellingham’s tough regulatory environment will aid in moving economics forward. Garrett's non-political business background will be a refreshing change.

John marcia mcwilliams | bellingham physical therapy

He listens, he cares, and he offers workable solutions.

Nicholas vaandering | ceo of restorfx

I am certainly done with the nonsense of politics. The reality is there are real problems and real solutions and Garrett O'Brien, to me, represents someone that's a willing focus on the solutions.

That is exactly what our city needs. I am quite excited to endorse Garrett O'Brien for Mayor for the City of Bellingham.

Kyle Harmia | Exxel Pacific, Inc.

I have known Garrett for nearly 20 years. We graduated from Central Washington University together. Garrett was always reading self-improvement and leadership books between classes. He has always strived for something better. He is a devoted husband and father of 3. I would strongly encourage everyone to take a serious look a Garrett O’Brien for Mayor of Bellingham.

Peter Milligan | C.O.O. @ Hess Painting Co.

Garrett is one of the most driven and determined people I know. He’s got common sense to spare.

Richard Berglund | auctioneer (retired)

We have enjoyed dealing with Garrett on multiple building projects. He is the man for the job! He is on time and under budget. Just what the city needs.

jack schramer | nexthome northwest living

Because we need a comprehensive growth plan!

David Williams | Paccar Technical Center

Mr. O’Brien is everything you could ask for in a mayor; homegrown, a successful businessman, a father and a husband. The type of guy who’s in it for the right reasons. He's started his campaign without a D or R by his name, just someone whose benefitted from the community and wants to give back. I've known him for over 25 years and he's the real deal.

Carla Lee | Advisory Lending Group/BIAWC Board Member

Garrett is smart, forward thinking, compassionate and fiscally perceptive. He considers the whole through integration of the individualized components; the results will be a vibrant involved community. Garrett’s skills and knowledge will lead the city of Bellingham to bright future and with a sound economy. Garrett will serve all of Bellingham and bring us into our rightful place as a city that offers top level education for our children as well as providing jobs and opportunities for generations to come.

Gragg Miller | bellingham, wa

As someone who was in the real estate for over 46 years I understand the importance of affordable housing. It is a concern and I believe Garrett has a plan to address the issue. I believe his Planning Commission experience has given him needed insight to many issues the city faces.

Marnell Farley | retired Yoga Instructor

The best man for the job...

Kit Muehlman | Whatcom Fairvote

Judging from the Mayoral Forums, Garrett learns fast. His Housing Innovation Project uses cooperative planning to include commercial, industrial and high-density residential uses.
Primarily, I feel that Garrett has the leadership skills we need in a mayor. He has dynamic energy, he is humble, and he enjoys working with diverse groups of people.

Sarah Dunbar | Owner of pretty penny

Bellingham needs someone who will fight for affordable housing and the current needs of this changing income inequality and access we are seeing in Bellingham.

Cheryll Peterson | Bellingham

He has refreshing ideas for our city. He's not on anyone's agenda. He really wants change for Bellingham.

Russell Scherck | Lt. col. USMc (retired)

I have watched Garrett grow up and he has proven to be goal oriented with a strong drive to succeed.

Ashley Steinbach | Gold Comb Salon

After knowing Garrett for about three years, I feel confident in his decision making for our community. He has strong ties with the Bellingham and has a genuine interest in people’s opinions and concerns of what is happening in Whatcom County. His warmth and good nature is an asset to everyone who comes in contact with him.

PHYllis mckee | income property mgmt

Garrett has a plan in place which speaks to what I feel are Bellingham’s biggest needs for continued community and success.

tracy atwood | New Destinies

I have worked with Garrett for 6+ years on the Bellingham Planning Commission and I am very impressed by his clear, analytical thinking and lack of a biased political agenda.

Randy Dorn | caliber home loans

Garrett is a true family man that I have had the pleasure of knowing since childhood. He’s honest, trustworthy and cares about his community. He is the right person for the job!

JESS KENOYER | Windermere

Garrett is honest, hardworking, trustworthy and is the right person to lead our city.

James peterson | bellingham

I feel he will give a voice to the average person in Bellingham.


As a businessman, I highly value the effective use of people's time and available resources. I believe that Garrett O'Brien will analyze the numerous issues that the City is dealing with and strategically implement actions steps to get these problems addressed in the most effective manner possible.

david koehler | signs by tomorrow bellingham

Garrett is a breath of fresh air in Bellingham politics. His enthusiasm and common sense will make him a great Mayor.

Beth Barnhart | bellingham

I appreciate Garrett’s straightforward common sense ideas on the needs of Bellingham.

Byron Sprague | bellingham

He has experience in running a successful company. Very approachable, concerned and caring. Long term personal and family tenure in the community.

Boris Shintar | ClearCut LLC

I am in the business of Carpentry, and have had an opportunity to work on some of Garett’s projects. Garett is a honest, hardworking and creative builder, who pays close attention to details, timelines and doing things in the proper order. I believe that his positive and forward thinking attitude would make him the best mayor for Bellingham. It has been my experience that Garett is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get to work, and that is the type of city leader Bellingham needs.

MARK GALVIN | bellingham

I have known Garrett O’Brien for 30 years, first as his teacher and now as determined and compassionate man who wants to help lead our community. I believe our young people are the key to the future, Garrett has been very involved in our schools and has the vision and leadership to create an environment where the community becomes more involved in supporting our children. I strongly support his candidacy and encourage the community to support his vision.

John Fairbanks | Fairbanks Fisheries & Real Estate

Because he has the most common-sense approach to leadership I’ve heard in a long time. Like me, Garrett finds positive aspects of both conservative and liberal beliefs. For this reason, he is running as an independent. I find that refreshing and believe many in our community would agree.

Marty Krause | Ob-1 Car Company - Retired

I've know Garrett for 30 years plus. His history as a young man till now full of determination, devotion, leadership, will no doubt make Bellingham a better community! Please support Garrett O'Brien as our new Mayor!!

Bryan Oen | bellingham

Having worked with Garrett professionally, I have seen him demonstrate care and attention to detail in all that he does. He is a family man and really does care about the community in which he lives. Voting for Garrett is a no-brainer.

Anthony petz | Petz real estate

Garrett cares about the community and can apply sound practice and common sense to improve our city.

Mark Parrish | BPS

I believe in Garrett’s platform, philosophy and passion to lead!

briddick webb | Briddick Webb Real Estate

Love what Garrett stands for

Brent moa | Premium services llc

Honest, hardworking, and caring individual.

Dustin Bruland | Bellingham

Trust worthy. Strives for greatness in all that he does.

JoAn Siden | bellingham

Garrett grew up with my son, and in later life was my neighbor on Eldridge! He is an exceptional young man. I watched him become a husband and father. When he built his condo in front of us he took every opportunity to work with my husband and I to build it so that it didn’t obstruct our beautiful view of the bay. He is the right person for our new Mayor. He will work hard for Bellingham, as this is and always has been his home. His extended family all work and live in Bellingham, so naturally he would want to help make it the best place ever to live and raise his family! He has my family’s endorsement! Good luck Garrett O’Brien.

Jacob tilbury | 2524 Meridian llc

Similar values and goals for the community.

Mark Schramer | Schramer Construction Co Inc

I have been impressed with Garrett over the years as I have gotten to know him. He is a dedicated and hard working individual who is passionate about making a difference for good in our community.

Dennis Kaiser | Kaiser Agency- Allstate

I have gotten to know Garrett over the last year as he is member of the Sunrise Rotary. 

Garrett is most impressive when you discover the challenges he embraced growing up in Whatcom County and overcame, along with valuable experiences he learned along the way. Garrett asks intelligent questions and formulates plans after consulting & including others. Garrett moves forward doing what he says he is going to do and believes in the concept of accountability. Garrett always has a smile, a kind word and hand extended to help. My favorite attributes about Garrett are that he is pragmatic, polite, professional, positive, raised locally, and committed to stewardship in our community. His best attribute is that he’s “believable” not political. Blue collar, white collar, Democrat or Republican he will appeal to all who get to know him.

Tim green | paradigm consulting

INDY is what its all about

Everett Babbitt | COnstruction executive

I have had the pleasure of knowing Garrett O'Brien for more than 20 years. Garrett has always been a dedicated individual who approaches challenges with an extraordinary passion and a drive that is truly remarkable. His work ethic and responsiveness are unmatched. 

Key attributes that are essential to being a successful leader is one who can listen, process the issues and determine solutions. However, those attributes are only worthwhile if you can identify the path and methodology to accomplish those solutions. Garrett’s is one of the best I have seen at accomplishing objectives by setting and achieving goals.  

I highly recommend Garrett O’Brien for the position of Mayor of Bellingham. It is time for our city to have leadership that is focused, intelligent and capable of achieving the objectives that are most important to our community.

Bill Bliss | retired

Great to get outside new blood in this system...........lets give it a whirl