Campaign Code of Conduct

Being called to public service is an honor. Our Democratic process for electing public officials relies on an informed electorate and candidates that represent themselves authentically and honestly.

We believe that encouraging independent and grassroots campaigns that have a strong code of conduct will decrease political polarity, restore public trust, and increase civic engagement. Our campaign aspires to encourage an informed electorate, and good people to run for office.

Our Vision

Our campaign is committed to creating solutions, empowering our youth, and fostering a vibrant community. We will be profoundly inclusive and provide balanced leadership through authentic engagement and by being accessible, and transparent.

Our Values

Our campaign values teamwork and is welcoming to all people. We value people for their unique abilities, strengths, and differences. Working together as a community is vital to our long-term success. We are committed to bringing everyone along with us as we move toward a more inclusive and prosperous future.


Our staff and community members will be treated with integrity at all times. We will be honest and open in our communication. And everyone will benefit from a work environment that is free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination both in person and online. There is a zero tolerance policy related to all forms of harassment, and sexual misconduct.


We are accountable to our constituents, community members, donors and each other for our work, our actions and the people we serve.

Commitment to People

We will foster a healthy and supportive environment, that promotes diversity, inclusion, mental, physical and social well-being to create a vibrant community that supports its businesses and fosters opportunity.


Each one of us shapes our community through our words and actions. We will provide clear balanced leadership and lead by example.

Our campaign encourages anyone (paid campaign staff, volunteers, constituents, or otherwise) to share concerns anytime with our campaign manager. Alternatively, we have a point of contact that is committed to taking all concerns seriously and will work to respond to the situation. The topics discussed will remain confidential. While not employed by the campaign, the following advisor has also agreed to this code of conduct:

Jamie Shannon

Cell: [redacted]

Email: [redacted]